Frozen Veins Records

Frozen Veins Records (冷凍静脈記録 in Japanese) was a record label and distribution company based in Tokyo, Japan, founded by Yusuke Ooka (大岡 佑介 in Japanese) in the summer of 2008. The company specialized in dark ambient and black metal artists and its many nuances and sub-genres; atmospheric black metal, depressive black metal, doom metal, post-black metal, blackgaze, black ambient, drone, etc.

After distributing other record labels' releases for several months, Yusuke started releasing original material through Frozen Veins Records. He started contacting bands to work with in the late summer of 2008 but it took a few months before the first release came out in January of 2009. The company ceased its operations (quite suddenly and without explanation) in the early months of 2010 (February or March), after releasing 9 of the 13 announced releases. Yusuke Ooka has not been active in the music scene since.

Complete discography:
-Frozen Veins Records series
FVR 001 (never released)
FVR 002 Sadness Saturn "She" (Cassette, August 21 2009)
FVR 003 Astral Luminous "Mens Corpus Anima" (never released)
FVR 004 Yhdarl "Counting Seconds" (Jewel Case CD-R, January 29 2009)
FVR 005 Vision Éternel "An Anthology Of Past Misfortunes" (Jewel Case CD-R + Poster, February 14 2009)
FVR 006 Obscurité "Aphotic Incantations & Lurid Visitations" (never released)
FVR 007 Surtt "Fragment Of Madness" (Jewel Case CD-R, March 9 2009)
FVR 008 beautiful:emptiness "Tragic Dreams Transcending Towards Reality" (never released)
FVR 009 Æon Nought "Visions / World Destroyed" (Jewel Case CD-R, March 27 2009)
FVR 010 Sghor / Cantenebra "The Chant Of The Funeral Ones" (DVD Case CD-R, April 30 2009)
FVR 011 Nâd "Unholy Tales" (DVD Case CD-R, July 6 2009)
FVR 012 (((o))) / Circle Of Ghosts "Somber Spirits Under Stars Of Sorrow" (Jewel Case Pro-CD, January 20 2010)
-Frozen Veins Records Special series
FVRS 001 Cantenebra "I" (DVD Case CD-R, June 29 2009)


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