Abridged Pause Recordings

Abridged Pause Recordings is an independent record label founded by Alexandre Julien in February of 2008, after an initial plan to end his first record label Mortification Records. Originally started as a post-black metal, post-metal and post-rock record label, Abridged Pause Recordings has since shifted its focus to solely releasing music from Alexandre Julien's bands. Abridged Pause Recordings is one of the many imprints under the umbrella company Abridged Pause Enterprises (which also includes Abridged Pause Publishing and Abridged Pause Blog). The Abridged Pause Blog, hosted on the Abridged Pause Recordings website, has achieved fame on its own for publishing lengthy archival retrospective biographies and interviews of defunct bands and record labels, all written by Alexandre Julien.

Abridged Pause Recordings has released post-metal, post-black metal, atmospheric black metal, psychedelic black metal, sludge metal, sludge-core, atmospheric sludge metal, screamo, avant-garde metal, math metal, math rock, post-rock, experimental post-rock, ambient, dark ambient, black ambient, shoegaze, melogaze and artbient.


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