Billy Perkins

Billy Perkins is a multiple award-winning illustrator and designer from Austin, TX. His work is influenced by early comic book art, album art and psychedelic poster art from the late 60s and 70s. His career spans 25 years, and his work is featured in several books, including Art of Modern Rock, Gigposters: Rock Art of the 21st Century and others.

Central Texas in the 70's...A post-Viet Nam mish-mash of trailer parks, country & western, classic rock, tornadoes, disco, punk rock & Silver Age comics. Out of this mire rose forth many musicians, serial killers,
...and artists.

Austin native Billy Perkins was drawing by age 4, inspired by the comic book art of Buscema, Colan, Kirby,Steranko and more. More major artistic influences came in the form of album cover art, psychedelic poster art and of course, the music itself. Perkins' style is derived equally from these influences, at times combining elements of them all. The native Texan also claims good margaritas, spicy Mexican food, and the thriving music and poster scene in Austin as additional influences.

Perkins began freelancing and coined his studio tagline "Good Ideas thru Bad Living" 1992, after serving a couple of years as Art Director for Austin's largest screen print shop. Concert poster art is a passion, but work also includes advertising design, illustration, copywriting, merch design, logos & more. Perkins illustrated a children's book "Dragoo Goes POP!" in 2000. Work for the local & national music scene remains the primary focus.

Perkins’ illustrious 26-year career has produced rock posters for Widespread Panic, Blondie, Cheech & Chong, Alice in Chains, ZZ Top, Fleetwood Mac, Metallica, Foo Fighters and many, many more. His work has been published in several books, including Art of Modern Rock, Swag 2, A Fistful of Rock, Gig Posters: Rock Show Art of the 21st Century, Classic Rock Magazine and others. He has designed album packages for The Arcangels, Cheap Trick and more.

Billy Perkins also writes and plays music. His local Austin metal band Butcherwhite was formed in 2005, and is currently writing material for their fourth album. Perkins writes, sings, plays rhythm guitar, and of course designs posters, merch and album art for his band.

BFA in Commercial Art 1987, Texas State University
5-time winner: Austin Music Industry Awards - Best Concert Poster
Winner: Austin Music Industry Awards - Best Album Art
2017 Winner: Austin Music Industry Awards - Best Poster Artist


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