Half Hazard Press

Half Hazard Press (H.H.P.) is a genuine underground, All American print & design studio dedicated to the craft of making unique & one-of-a-kind items. We believe in the simple merits of hard work, using your hands, & putting good out in the world. With a heavy arsenal of trade skills, we bring experience & moxie into our approach to making flatstock paper goods or paraphernalia & live by the gospel of concept & process.

Just like us, our company was born in the true heart of the Midwest, & raised amidst the sprawling fields of corn & soy. Known natively as Gentlemen of the Press, word has spread over land & sea, branding us as Scoundrels of the Arts in our search for similar minds. Those of you who also believe in standards of craft, quality, & light heartedness, JOIN AS ONE under our banner; Always whole hearted, never half assed!


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