Brian Burns

bb was a student in London commissioned to design posters between 1967 and 1971. Most of these posters advertised musical talent performing for university dances, while a few others were sold commercially in parts of Europe.

The university scene in the UK provided bands an alternative venue to clubs and pubs. Though the sixties and early seventies these shows gave acts a strong avenue to get exposure early in their careers.

Most Universities had a hall and a stage used for events and dances. These events were normally run by student unions. Quite a few posters from the collection advertised events at Northampton Hall, the hall of residence for City University. At the time City University was the only University in the City of London.

The development of Rock and Pop music in the UK was vast and exciting with fascinating dynamics. Bands formed, disbanded, members moved on to join or form other bands, before disbanding again quite regularly. Some made it big while others had brief success before fading away. The

University scene gave platform to them all. Bands played, people danced, and slowly began the transition to concerts for many of these bands as they gained traction.


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