Since yesterday I experience that the date fields do only accept years. Whenever I try to enter a more accurate date with a month or day value I am not able to enter these. The field only accepts 4 digits. What is happening?

hey mop66, I'm unable to replicate the problem you describe. I think the problem might be that you are trying to enter the dashes -, but the form inserts them by itself, only numbers are allowed in the date fields.

Does the form allow you to enter more than 4 numbers (you can try just pressing 8 or whatever)? Could you try again please, and let me know if you still have problems.

Well, today it works, yesterday it did not (for me). It did not allow me to enter more than 4 digits. I did not add hyphens, dashes or anything. Even when just adding digits after 4 digits no more were accepted.

That is odd, but happy that it works now. Let us know if you run into problems with it again.

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