This question is regarding the naming for venues or poster titles. I.e. for the German City of Köln (english Cologne): What should be used? Köln as printed on the poster or the English version 'Cologne'?

Here is an example

Title: 'Whitesnake - Köln, 2019' or rather 'Whitesnake - Cologne, 2019'?
Venue: 'Palladium - Cologne, Germany' or 'Palladium - Köln, Germany'?

Good question... I would lean towards what's printed on the poster but I don't have a strong preference. Any other opinions out there?

I think that following what is on the poster is the clearest and most logical. However, it's also an option to includes an alias/alternate "spelling" of the city if it's a common alternate use. The example of Köln/Cologne seems to occur relatively often, given the number of gig posters designed for the region by US based artists that use the Americanized version of the city name.

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