Just wondered whether posters from magazines that usually came as bonus free inserts or pull outs are allowed in the database for posters.

I wouldn't see why not. They are still posters, although typically folded or undersized, but those aren't reasons for them to not qualify as posters.

Cheers for the feedback. Just another point to add; how do you add double sided posters that contain one band on one side and a different on the other side.

Well, the simple answer is that's not something we've run into or discussed as far as I know of. Any thoughts from the community?

I initially thought it'd be a good idea to make seperate entries for each subject/side with a link back to an entry for the other side in the notes sections of each. At the very least, a note of the reverse subject in the notes.

I had to reconsider, though. This gets really sticky with promo materials. Whether it's a matter of subjects being purposely designed to go together as part of a whole for economic reasons (ex: promo flyers with two sides/possibly even sub-divided single sides for economical reasons), versus incidentally-linked subjects (ex: pull-out magazine posters with one subject per side), I think setting a single standard keeps the guidelines a lot simpler.

In other words, I think promo flyers for bands/releases/events that are split/sub-divided should include all subjects in one entry. And, for the sake of simplicity and consistency, perhaps pull-out posters should too.

I think you're right with this issue. I'm going to put them as a single entry to the database with the artists in the title so it is clear.

I'd say that I agree that a poster should only have a single entry (doing multiples and linking them is a recipe for a difficult discovery process at best), I think the biggest key is making sure that all information on it is relayed thru the various detail fields of the database. A concise but detailed title can be designed to communicate most of the general information of the poster and then the various fields and notes can provide the rest. This may mean something like "Epitaph Records Summer Tours 2006" for something with a variety of ska and punk bands on the Warped Tour or such, but to try and have a title that lists every single band on a large poster is not helping anyone out. Making sure that all bands (and other info like if a new record release or various venues) are listed as subjects will insure that the poster turns up in searches for each subject. Having an elongated title will not.

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