Hi guys, been here a few days now gradually uploading entries for the various gigposter JPGs i've amassed over the last year or so since I got into them!
But today I've noticed another user, SerhiyMorykin, has been busy uploading their own collection of images...
Whilst I appreciate the fact that these may well be music-related posters, the majority of them don't really strike me as being in the same 'genre' of posters as gig-posters. They're more promotional/advertisement orientated than artistic...
Are these actually worth archiving into the site? Or am I just being a gigposter snob?

The spectrum of Posterogs is much wider than sites like gigposters.com (RIP), Collectionzz, or even expressobeans in that we're inviting all things poster to be part of the game. For some collectors (and from what I've observed, many retailers), this includes band/label promos and traditional movie posters in addition to those which are considered more "artistic".

These do have archival value in their own rights and there are veins of collectors which focus upon them, much like those who collect only flyers and handbills (I've seen several collectors who will take ONLY these as they are interested in items which were only used for actual show advertising, not sold a merch/memorabilia at the shows as is common for artistic gigposters).

So I guess by your own definitions, you're being a snob?

Lol ok, that's fair enough then. I'll just continue with the arty gigposter stuff ;)

I'm in a similar boat. My personal preference (and the primary directive from a company stand point) is to be music related and driven. And my own tendencies are towards artistically expressive gigposters. BUT... there is a reason that the categories of Art Print and Film Poster also exist -- because the users of the community here want to contribute and prefer those areas of collecting. The overlap of many gigposter artists into non-gigposter material (be it other original work or "non-text" versions of their gig posters) also warrant this attention.
But in the end, do what you like and feel the community will benefit from exposure and knowledge of. That's always my starting point...

Guys, i'm with you 100% even if i spent a way loooooooooot of money for some promotional PJ stuff like retail-adv (the YIELD triangle for example) and of other artists. As a note some of these popped up on ebay but there were no infos in any other sites

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