I have a number of posters that are double sided posters with an artist on each side. How do I go about submitting these posters to the database. Also I have 2 really large posters that have a single artist on one side but multiple artists on the other. Not sure if these are valid entries for submission.

I've put a a link to an example of the double sided poster. Any help would be greatly appreciated with this.


I think your first case - with the same band on each side - is pretty simple. Adding notes to state that it is double sided and then being sure to upload photos of both sides to the entry makes most sense to me.

In the case of a double sided with different bands (guessing on the same label and/or tour), it may make sense just to title it with both performers? Titled in a "Band A / Band B" format with the year of the poster's production to finish? That seems a simple enough way to go, with the same notes and images to complete the layout.

That would be my initial take...

Than ks for your reply. What you say makes sense but for the double sided posters they are different bands. One on each side so I was thinking of listing both bands in the title then fill in the rest of the form as normal. The large poster is not part of a tour just a simple photo of a band member with 2 or 3 different acts on the other side.

I think you're describing the same sort of thing I was trying to cover in my second example. For a simple example, say you have a poster with Metallica on one side, Megadeth on the other. The poster title could simply be "Metallica / Megadeth" and add the year of production to the title if you know it (or could discern it depending on what promo photo(s) were used in the image.

Yes, that makes sense. I'll use that as my guide for adding these type of posters to the database. Thanks for your help with this.

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