how to do ? seems it does not work

I'll try and walk thru the process...

After creating a new entry/submission, you'll see a link to "Edit Images" on the left side around where the image would be.
Click on this and it will take you to the Image editor page. Here you can click the "drop images here or browse images" link to select image(s) from your system to upload to the entry. Click on each and the system will show you a reduced size image of each so you can view all of your selections prior to uploading. When each are correct, click the "Save" button on the right hand side.
This will upload the images to the Posterogs database and take you back to the entry page where you should now see an image of the first/lead/primary image you uploaded to the submission. If you added multiple images, only the first will be displayed on the entry's main page - any others will only be viewable by clicking on the first image and cycling thru the others uploaded to the submission.

i think i did miss a step when submitted now its OK.
Thnks for help

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