Hi all,

As 2020 is fast approaching, we’ve got a few changes coming up ahead of the new year that we wanted to let you know about.

Marketplace Beta coming to an end
In order to focus on improving the Discogs’ Marketplace and overall functionality, we will be turning off the individual beta marketplaces on each of the -ogs sites. Longer-term, we hope to extend the offering of the Discogs Marketplace to allow the sale of items found on Posterogs (as well as our other databases). All sellers will also be notified via email.

You can continue to place orders until December 2, after which Buy and Sell buttons will be removed from poster pages. You can finalize any open orders and access your data from your Posterogs shop account until December 16. There’s no action required from you in terms of your listings or inventory, but if you’d like to check what you’ve got listed or make any changes to your inventory, you can do so here.

Posterogs Moving to Discogs Subdomain
Over the next few weeks we’ll be moving from www.posterogs.com to posters.discogs.com. Everything else will remain the same - same name, same layout, same Collection and Wantlist, same data. We’ll be redirecting all the pages, so if it takes a while for your muscle memory to reset (we know it will for us), you’ll still be taken to the page you’re after.

As always, we appreciate the time and effort you put into submitting your posters to Posterogs and being part of the community! We apologize for any inconvenience these changes may cause.

Jess and the Posterogs crew

Any news on when the subdomains will be ready for marketplace functions? Im itching to do business!

You'd better start scratching.

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