Hi guys,

I was just looking for older submissions to improve and found a War on Drugs poster.

It happens to have a similar brother (colors and one layer differ). They are clearly not a real variant of each other. So I wanted to link them in the notes using Links.
I've tried to use the Markdown that works in the Forum, but that does not preview a correct link. Just pasting the link there obviously eighter.
Is there a possibility to internally link to stuff un the site? IE Shortcodes to the Poster-ID or the Markdown-Syntax.

hey Drake_Rubicon, we don't have markdown or any other type of shortcodes enabled on submission (only in the forums and the wiki) for now. We are aware of it, would be a useful feature for sure, but don't know when we'll get to it.

Ok, good to know. I'll be happy when the feature drops, but I'm patient, keep up the good work! =)

Hi Drake_Rubicon, HTML should work!

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