Oh yes oh yes - love this.

Bulk upload? I can't see one yet and I've got most of mine in a data file already, so if coming soon I'll wait rather than wade through the manual form over and over.

Blog? I have written a couple of articles already - on the art and history of Ibiza's club posters, especially Ku and Yves Uro, Jean Giraud and Nasel. I would be happy to share if there is somewhere to put it.

Will there be a marketplace?

Is the focus on music and film just a starting point? Most of mine are music, but i've got some treasured social and sport posters too.

If help is needed just tell me what to do/how to get involved - I'd love to get behind this.

Good work!


Hi Nick!

Well Bulk-Upload is actually already possible, for the images. Just drop them in the Upload-Area.
But if you mean bulk-poster submission, I guess thats not gonna happen. Discogs also does not have this feature, afaik. There could just be too much Spam when this is enabled.
I guess what we maybe could hope for is some kind of Draft-Generation, so that you'd manually have to appove your bulk-submitted Drafts or something.
It I could just upload a JSON, XML or CVS file and generate some drafts from it, I'd propably build a plugin for my customer(s). [Currently rebuilding an old Screenprinters Webshop. Would be nice if he'd generate himself a draft automaticly when he releases a new poster...]

As far as I know, he main content here is Music related. Followed by some Movie-Stuff and then other Events. Occasionly there is a Art-Print of an Artist who does mainly Gig- or Movieposters.

The Admins and Mods are neat and pretty fast in responding, you'll see.

Welcome ^^

Welcome to Posterogs, Nick!

  • Bulk upload
    We don't have any plans at the moment to introduce bulk upload, as Drake_Rubicon points out, this is to ensure data structure and quality. However, if you've already got your poster data mapped out, it may be something an admin can bulk upload for you. It will depend on how it's structured, but let us know if you'd be interested in discussing it further.

  • Blog
    No blog planned for now, but that sounds really interesting! We'll keep you posted if we decide to come back to it.

  • Marketplace
    We have tested out a marketplace on Posterogs, although it was quite primitive. We have decided to pause that for now and focus on improving the Discogs marketplace and get it to a point where posters and other music collectibles can be bought and sold in the one marketplace (although this is probably still a fair way off).

  • Music posters
    That's our primary poster of choice at the momemnt to tie things between the databases (mainly Discogs), but we do allow Movie posters and some other print types.

Hope that helps clarify - it's great to have you here!

@Drake_Rubicon, that's a cool idea to generate a draft when the printer releases a new poster. We'll keep that in mind for the future!

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