As many of you have noticed our forums and submissions have been targeted by spammers recently. We have been working hard at implementing defenses for this while still maintaining ease of use. Earlier today we released some fixes that make use of some heuristics and tools to better identify and prevent spam.

Hopefully this will deter these spammers. We are in the process of clearing up the entries that did get in before our protective measures. Please do let us know if you come across spam submissions by linking them here (or "recycle" them for legitimate purposes).

There is however also always the possibility of some false negatives. Please let us know if you have any problems with valid submissions or forum posts. You can contact us here in the forums or using the support portal in the speech bubble in the lower left hand corner.

Thanks for your patience and diligence.

Suggestion: Add a Captcha to the initial commit of a Poster and the first uploaded Image

Suggestion: Start a blacklist for Names, or something where the community has to vote/agree to the entry if a Name has a blacklisted string. If not whitelisted by the community delete after one week.
First suggestion for the blacklist: "DON68。"

Thanks for the suggestions Drake_Rubicon, we've already implemented some of the filtering you mentioned. Lets see if it discourages these spammers.

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