I just recently stumbled upon this site and oh my, it could be the thing a lot of us want since gigposter.com’s demise.

With „us“ I mean a part of the Screenprinter-crowd doing Gig posters.

I’ve always wanted to do it myself, bc I’ doing Web-Development too anyway, but a Side-project of such a size would just completely eat up my already sparse free time. So I’m really glad someone else is tying!

What I see here is a good start. So many people use and love discogs, having a similar site like it seems the right way to do it.

I do understand that the site is not only for gig posters, but art prints and old posters too. That's fine, a lot of us are also printing Art prints, do commissions, etc. As long as the user can easily distinguish and filter, there should be no Problem at all.

I’ve skimmed the forum threads and try to weave some of the topics that the community argues about.

Some suggestions. If you are a discogs user, you might already know how a lot of them work:

  • Releases - Most Posters have only one Release/Edition but it’d be beneficial for sure. There are art prints with different Editions and some do open editions. So the user could keep track of the Limited Edition of a Poster and the open one. If there are differences within the open edition it could be logged under Notes or even „Other Identifiers“, similar to discogs. This would also cover the Issue with Variants and Artist Proofs
  • Ratings - No-brainer
  • Handbill, Poster, Art print – Obviously every Print has a certain size. The size does not matter at all for art prints, they are art prints regardless if they are 1“x1“ or 100“x100“. For everything else there could be an automatic classification. Handbills are prints that you wont put on your wall, but hold in your hand. Personally I’ve never seen a Poster smaller than DIN A4 in the Streets. Just automate your system so that everything smaller than the area that is DIN A4 (or another similar standard size) will be labeled „handbill“.
  • The Community has to find some naming conventions for the Poster-Title if one is not named.
  • Credit Print studios/Workshops too. – I guess a no-brainer too. Look at Burlesque in the states wich print for Artists like John Baizley. But they got several printers like Ben Lafond and Sarah Schatz.
  • Separate Venue and City – makes searching for either easier
  • Add „Other Identifiers“ – like discogs. Often Poster come stamped or with an imprint. On some open edition runs they are slightly different and can help determine at least the year or print run.

On another note, I cant add any Poster bc I always get tagged as spam. I’d like to give this site a good test to maybe recommend it to the other Artists/Printers.
As I said a lot of us are looking for a comprehensive Archive.

Bc i can’t edit:

Some kind of Version/Release/Variant categorization would we perfect for posters like this: https://www.posterogs.com/poster/29429-kvelertak-zombie

Hi Drake_Rubicon,
Welcome to the Posterogs community, and thanks a lot for your feedback - some solid suggestions here! We're making some changes to the submission process over the coming months, I've made a note of your ideas and hopefully we'll be able to implement these.

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