Are flyers and handills allowed? Ticket stubs? I'm getting ready to list a ton of stuff and don't want to add something that is not allowed

im curious on this too

Hi there,
Yes, flyers and handbills fit within the poster definition, but ticket stubs don't. Check out the wiki for more information and let me know if you think it needs additional info
Thanks for adding your posters to the database!

Should there be a type for 'flyers' and one for 'handbills'? All I see that broadly applies is gig posters.

An example would be Mark Arminski's work. He does a poster and a handbill (same paper stock, smaller but exact same image) for each poster he does.

I used to buy on subscription from him and you'd get 2 handbills for each poster.

Worth noting too that Mark periodically had "wildcard" handbills where one of the five printed on a sheet would be an alternate color layout or (in a few cases) a completely different piece of art.

I agree that it would be nice to be able to distinguish between handbills, flyers, and posters. Maybe have a subtype with those three options plus maybe some additional ones like "banner", "standee", "other", etc.

Come to think of it, maybe call one "Handbills / Postcards" since it seems there's so many questions about those.

could one post a gig 'Flyer' but list as Photocopy until a seperate flyer/handbill section is added?

Has there been any movement on adding flyers and handbills to the list of "types"? I've got a bunch i'd like to add to the database, but if this feature is going to be implemented soonish, i'd rather hold off on adding until then, rather than have to go back and edit...

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