I am amazed there is no box to put the size of the poster - I have to put it in the general description, but I am sure size is a vital element that should have it's own searchable entry

I wrote up some remarks for myself, and this was the first thing that stroke me. Size does matter!

I sell posters on Ebay, and size is crucial, not least because in a lot of cases the buyer already has a frame to fill.

Size matters indeed. I've been putting it in the Notes field until they get a field for it here.

Indeed, that's all we can do until it gets added, which surely it must.

Can I propose a two field set up with cm and inches displayed

It would be nice if they give us a field and we choose cm or inches and then users can select their own settings if they want to view pages in cm or inches.

But we would still need to enter both to give the user the option of choosing.

Why would you need to enter both? I think the database program should be able to handle a simple multiplication and rounding.

Because some buyers understand metric and others imperial - if you are suggesting that by entering metric, the Posterogs interface automatically calculates and displays the imperial equivalent to the user then all well and good, as long as the user can see both, how it is achieved is less important.

Yes, that's what I meant. It's more convenient and just as important: it is safer! If you leave it to the user to enter two different type of units, it will lead to errors.

I would also propose a drop down list of standard paper sizes (A series, B series, US, Japanese etc.), which would make it easier for some. With the option to enter custom size.

This is already in process. I felt the same way when I first saw the form last week. We will have size and available in either inches or centimeters. Would be cool in the future if you could enter either and see both but that may not happen on initial release.


Is this being set up in the same manner as Discogs, if so "condition" would surely at the point of sale rather than in the main entry as condition would vary between different sellers selling the same poster.

Yes,condition at point of sale rather than main entry.....sorry I didnt make that clear

Yes, when you go to sell an item, there is a "Description" field where you can enter in the description of your particular item.

Thanks for the feedback. Currently we are adding Size and type of print to the database form. We'll continue to adapt as we get entries. Country, original (numbered?) reprint are also solid ideas. Condition of course is a marketplace oriented field as noted which I think we can add in the description. We have a lot to learn here but I am super excited about this project as I love poster artwork and in particular gig posters.

Hello folks, having been looking at the excellent papersizes.io site recently, I thought it worth adding a variety of standard formats to the sizes wiki page, and attempted to cross reference where possible with popular names that have been used around the world over the decades. Hopefully others can add over time (and correct any glaring errors!) to make it a useful resource for contributors - at least until the size field arrives.
Look forward to adding a few posters now :)

I don't see foolscap (330 x 216mm - 13" x 8 1/2") in the list, don't know if it is a UK specific format, aka folio

Ah yeah, I was getting to those next, but there are a ton of Imperial sizes ( often used for books) so might concentrate on the trad UK sizes including Foolscap - Dukes anyone? :)

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