If you’ve been part of the Discogs community for a while, you’ll probably be familiar with the September Pledge Initiative, or S.P.IN., where we do a big push for submissions and celebrate the growth of the database. As Posterogs is the newest of all our databases, it hasn’t had a chance to be part of SPIN yet (aww).
As its Posterogs first ever SPIN, and coincidentally, coming up to the database’s first birthday, we want to be ambitious with submissions target. Posterogs is also our fastest growing database, having doubled several times already this year. With this in mind, we were thinking of aiming for 1000 poster submissions for September. What do you think, too high? Too low? Just right? Or is September the month we hit 5K?

I worked in a moviestore for 12 years, and plan to upload them all here. Just waiting for an update to the site where I can write how many copies I have of each poster!

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