I think it would be a good form field to choose "single" or "double" sided. As of now, I'm placing this information in the notes.

I agree, two of the three I have entered has two sides with two different designs, yet I can't see how to add a 2nd image!

You can add more than one image, you can only select one image at a time. If you go into the "Edit Images" link, click "New Image" which is located right above the first one.

Tried that a few times, can't get it to work.

I have not seen a double sided poster but that makes sense. Multiple images should work and I will test that later today when I get a few minutes. Are there enough of these that the notes are not sufficient here? I want to have just the right amount of specific fields and notes so the form is not huge yet gets the details you need out there.

I had a job lot of 800 rock posters and to be honest only about 30 were double sided, but in the long run I cannot see any reason not to offer multiple images, or at least two, if that is simpler to set up.

I cannot see any reason not to offer multiple images

Multiple images are possible right now, as at all the other databases. I just grabbed a random page here at Posterogs, went into "Edit Images", and chose "New Image". I then uploaded a second one and then disabled it because it was for the wrong page, I was just testing. This feature does work.

Thanks. I've just managed to do it, had to go around the houses - it's certainly counter intuitive if you want to add an image after you have completed the initial listing.

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