Will movie posters be allowed on this?

They are not "not allowed", so I would say yet.

A Discogs staff member said in another thread that music posters would be the obviously flow here since everything is tied to Discogs, but he also stated that no restrictions have been put in place.

I truly believe they are waiting to see what the community will do.

I have a Star Wars film poster, that came in a record, that I plan on submitting.

end of first sentence should read "yes"

Yeah we left it open as we figured at least films and music would be popular.

Cool! I see that we already have a film posters:

And a music/film crossover poster:

To be honest I assumed that all types of posters would be allowed, naturally music posters would be the core range, but film, as well as fantasy, sci-fi and game related posters would surely be part of it also.

Totally open right now to see what the community wants. gig posters was the original idea but all things will work with segmentation in searches.

I would have thought that segmentation of posters (music/film etc) would be achieved in the same way that discogs has genre/style fields so I would imagine field one would be general options (music/film/games/fantasy/sci-fi/other etc) and field two would drill down further, for example after selecting music there would be gig, release of product etc (can't think of a snappier title atm), and film would have quads, lobby cards, repros etc.
Would it have different posters about the same band/artist collected together like Discogs? one would assume so, if so, would different items relating to a particular movie be collected together?

Yeah this is exactly what I was thinking about this morning as we will need that segmentation but also filter by "subject" which here is the artist, movie etc...

Great suggestions here!

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