We’re currently working on a project to get more links to and from Discogs and Posterogs. There are already quite a few Discogs artist pages that link to their corresponding Posterogs page, and vice versa, which is great.

We don’t yet have the tools or resources to fully automate our linking, so we’re doing it manually. And you can help! If you’d like to get involved with this project, here’s a spreadsheet (sorry, it's a Google doc) where you can find likely links and check them off as they’re added: Discogs to Posterogs - Suggested Links

Please note, some of these might not be an exact match, so please double check the links before submitting. Have at it!

Getting more links between Discogs and Posterogs has already been great in helping music fans discover more about their favorite artists and find gig and concert posters, album promo and more related to them. We’d love to really strengthen that connection between Discogs and Posterogs and create the ultimate data source for music fans. Thanks for helping us out.

Thanks to everyone who's already got involved with this. You're helping music fans get more of what they love from their favourite bands and artists, connecting data, and creating a unified archive of physical artifacts.
With your help, we've already managed to get over 200 links from Discogs artist pages to their profiles on Posterogs. Let's keep it going!

I've updated some stuff and submitted new Posters when I noticed surprising interconnectivity and also a lack of it.

First: Kudos to the team for displaying band posters on Discogs!

When filling out the Album-Subject I was wondering why I have to create it when the Record is already in the Discogs-Database.
Couldn't there be a cross-search for this? Also for Artists.

Also, to synchronise I'd suggest at least a script wich scans the submitted Artists for their Names (Discogs already got them and probably all variations of those) instead of manually picking them into a spreadsheet.
At the end of the day, the script would generate this and you just have to set a checkmark once.
The amount of new generated Artists/Albums per day is manageable, I guess...

Sry for the double post but I feel like what I "found" isnt really appreciated or linked/explained somewhere.

A couple of days after my last post I noticed that some bands on discogs have the "Posters" tab. After comparing their pages, it was clear that when a Posterogs link is submitted at the Discogs entrie and vis versa the Posters are showing!

From that moment on, I tried to always link both profiles. Works out great! But is the google-doc still needed?

Anyways such things should be announced somewhere. Is there a release-log or something like it?

Hey Drake_Rubicon. You are probably right that this should be better documented. But yes, like you say, adding a Posterogs link on a Discogs artist page will result in that artists posters showing up on their Discogs page.

See David Bowie posters for an example.

The Google doc is probably outdated at this point (this link drive of ours took place last year). We do appreciate any help in linking Discogs and Posterogs, so something to keep an eye out for when submitting or updating credits.

Is this feature still working? Tried it today with two bands, but it either has a significant delay or nothing happened.

drych @ Posterogs -> drych @ Discogs

AWVFTS @ Posterogs -> AWVFTS @ Discogs

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