Seems like there are some users contributing a large number of posters to the database with a lot of missing or incorrect information, not using existing artist tags, etc. Even noticed one user typing gibberish letters and numbers as the edit comments. Basically making a huge mess. Any way this can be prevented? This type of behavior will ultimately undermine the credibility of the database.

Hi CAPacelli,
Thanks for picking up on that and pointing that out. We've been in touch with a few users who could do with adding a little more information to their submissions, and about submission notes. Just a reminder to everyone to please be as clear and detailed as possible in submission notes - especially with edits - so we can keep track of what's been changed and why.
We're looking into ways to ensure we're keeping the data to a high standard and hope to implement some changes soon! Thanks for keeping the integrity of the database in mind, we appreciate it!

Thanks for the followup. Specifically the user 87marx has been uploading hundreds on "posters" like the following:

These look like web banner ads, not like something that was actually printed. The user is listing each as a screen print, which that asset is clearly not. Artist names are misspelled, information that is not on the "poster" is entered, and there are numerous missing fields.

This user is really damaging the integrity of the whole site

I had also had concerns that some of the submission added by 87marx were not actual physical posters and that they didnt actually have them in their possession. But having read you comment about listing them all as Screen might sound odd but I wonder if the user thinks it means something digital as in Printing the Screen.

I mentioned about the missing subject to the user after they had added 2000+ entries and they took it well and starting adding them so I think the intention is good. Possibly a misunderstanding

We've just made subjects a required field, with a minimum of one subject per poster. Hopefully this will improve the quality of those entries.

87marx seems to be changing most of my Titles. Can we clear up what is accepted as a Title?

For example I'm submitting this as a Title;

"Guns N' Roses - TD Place Stadium, Ottawa, ON, Canada 2017"

And it is being cut down to simply "Guns N' Roses"

Posterogs Submission guide for Title - "We recommend being descriptive but concise. For example, for a gig poster you could add the name of the headline act, the venue and/or city and date (or just year). Make it as intuitive and clear as possible so other users looking for posters like yours will be able to find it easily in the posterogs database."

Same, and the edit comment is a random string of letters and numbers like 8328bsdf9

87marx is continuing to change all of my Titles, and has left this comment within one of the poster entries;

"Please respect the process of filling up all cases as following :

Title : The Tragically Hip
Subject : Fully and Completely North American Tour
Date : 2015

This is for site standardisation . Thank you ."

Can someone please clear this up before 87marx continues to make changes that are potentially damaging the quality of the entries, and in the long run wasting the time of contributors to the database.

Thanks for bringing that to our attention. I agree that "Guns N' Roses - TD Place Stadium, Ottawa, ON, Canada 2017" is a far preferable title over simply: "Guns N' Roses".
We will work with this user to correct this

Thanks! I appreciate the clarification and support!

Would there be a way to auto-generate titles for posters based on mandatory data entered into the fields?

This would standardize the look of each, as well as making it easier to search posters. For instance, in the GnR example above, fields would be

Artist: Guns N' Roses
Venue: TD Place Stadium
City: Ottawa
State/Province: Ontario
Country: Canada
Date: 201-08-21

And the resulting title would be auto generated to read

Guns N' Roses - Guns N' Roses - TD Place Stadium, Ottawa, ON, Canada - 2017

or something along those lines. Just a suggestion, would go a long way to clean things up

This is actually something we've been discussing lately. It might be technically difficult with the current set up, but it's a great idea and one i think is worth us exploring a further. Thanks for the suggestion

87marx needs to be stopped. Nearly the entire front page are screenshots of digital web ads, one is even a digital magazine cover.

This is insane.

I agree. As with Discogs isn't the basic rule - have the item in front of you. There is little to suggest that many of the entries are physical posters that the user has in their. collection so is devaluing the whole site. This might not be such an issue except 87 marx seems to be such a prolific contributor. If these repeated discrepancies were occurring on discogs would they not be put on the Contributer Improvement Program

87marx is at it again. Admin, please see the attachment edit history to the following poster

We've tried to work with this user to improve their submissions and refrain from making unnecessary edits but since they have repeatedly failed to comply, we've suspended submission rights. Apologies for any poor edits that were made to any of your submissions

Related to a question/issue I just posted. There are 3 acceptable (per wiki) ways of entering the title. From sparse (making use of Title and Subtitle) all the way to verbose (cramming everything into Title).

I agree that there needs to be some sort of standardization. And changing other's entries seems to be poor form. Adding missing fields seems OK, but changing format to meet your sense of style seems to be rude.

Since some of the complaints here are about user's editing other's submissions, can the admins define a preferred method? Capacelli's suggestion works best for me. As it stands now, with multiple style guides, it's not working. Someone keeps editing my entries to comply with their sense of style.

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