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I was looking for a page that described the scope of this database, but couldn't find it. Is this "only" for music related posters or all kinds? I'm fine with both. (Maybe music-related is closer to Discogs and more realistic.)

I would say we're most interested in where the community wants to take it. I think following the music path is most obvious right now, but as you've found, we haven't put any restraints in place.

Thank you. Alright, here we go!

What about concert flyers? In fact a flyer is like a poster but of smaller size, usually one-fourth of a A4-size page. Can I upload such flyers here?

My suggestion would be to have a lower limit on size set at A5, otherwise we might get concert tickets being listed.

I wouldn't consider anything under A4 (cca. letter size in US) a poster.

I could live with A4, although if I was asked to vote I would still include A5

My issue is that if you go around A5, you're already talking about flyers and/or postcards. And if you let flyers in, than you can't set any kind of size limit, as they come in all sizes.

So what about A4 flyers?

It would be nice to be able to include postcards as well.

A4 flyers: if they are definitely flyers then (IMO) no. But in reality I think it's hard to draw that line, so I don't see it becoming a big issue. Of course that is if flyers in general are decided not to be included.


What about pull-out posers from magazines?

I say yes!

Although, sometimes there are entire poster books, I wonder if those should be submitted as one "collective" or individually.

Good point - one assumes that a poster that is part of another product (example: Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon) couldn't possibly be included, otherwise where do you draw the line?
There are "magazines" (particularly from the punk era) that were essentially folded up posters with band biogs/pics on the reverse - I would think they would qualify, but a magazine that included a poster, my feeling is that is a step too far.

However, a flexi record from a magazine would be submitted to Discogs, so perhaps not too far.

Perhaps, I recall that Record Mirror magazine had large posters each week in the 1970's, my bedroom wall was covered in them, I threw the rest of the magazine away, so in that sense the posters had a life outside the magazine.

I have a bunch of DVDs with posters in them, which I'm assuming are eligible at the moment. However, one of the posters also has the chapter index on it. I guess it's still a poster though, right? http://i.imgur.com/VhmL0cQ.jpg

Personally I was hoping we would see posters from albums here. They certainly do live on independent of the album or magazine they were delivered in. Ideally we can link back to the album, magazine, comic or book through the other OGS to connect everything to it''s origin.

I might be alone here, but I wouldn't include posters from magazines or posters you can buy at stores. I would focus on posters that are unique in some way: promoting a concert, a new album. Or if they have to be included, put a commercial tag to them.

IMHO I would be careful to make sure that magazine clippings dont end up swamping this site. For me, just becuase there's a full page advert in a magazine does not make it a poster. You need to be careful if magazine posters are included and state that only items sold as posters with a magazines be include

In my opinion

what about promotional album flats?

I don't even know what they are, and I've been selling vinyl and promo material for 12 years.

I am a little confused, isn't that a listing for a CD box set? If so, shouldn't it reside on Discogs?

If it is related or was included in the CD set shouldn't the notes say "from a 2CD set"?

No, it's an "album flat" promotional for a 2 CD box set. It's 9" x 9" and was sent out as a promotional. The text in the notes is just an exact replication of what's on the flat.

I love to collect newspaper concert ads which can range in size from 11" x 14" (full page) to small club listings only measuring 3" x3". Should these be considered posters? Some from the 70s were done by some pretty impressive poster artists at that time. I think maybe Posterogs should consider allowing all kinds of music paper advertising ephemera but could develop different categories such as poster, flyer, press kit, album flat, news ad, glossy magazine, articles, and anything else you can think of. My concern with limiting this site to just posters is that they are the easiest format to counterfeit and this will just become a huge database of fake posters which then will drive serious collectors away from it.

I presume there is a plan to connect the musicians/bands from discogs to posterogs? and vice versa?

Do you mean in the same way Discogs connects the musicians to the vinyl etc? Interesting idea. So what you are suggesting is that there should be fields to enter the names of all the people that appear on the poster, in order to cross reference?
How far do you take that? For example, would a poster of Sgt.Pepper have indexed just the four Beatles, or all the other people depicted behind them? Sounds like a can of worms to me, and I think it is much less vital to cross reference musicians on Posterogs than Discogs, and also remember that Posterogs is likely to include non-music posters, which would complicate matters even further.

It would seem to me a no brainer to connect a band from discogs to posterogs. Discogs very obviously has come up with a winning formula with collecting and the marketplace. Posterogs is a niche without a competing resource. Gearogs is going to have to beat reverb (a tough sell for me), and bookogs is going to have to beat alibris and abe books. All are up against ebay and amazon.

Aside from the landing page, posterogs right now has little resemblance to discogs. There is so much information there and you have an instant win for connecting music fans to the rest of their collection. Avid music fans often collect posters of the shows they attend.

I think the fundamental issue that you highlight is that it will be more than music posters. Yet, take a look at what has been posted and the vast majority of the posters are music content and not movies (or other events--the local circus). That may change, but discogs is also sitting on a huge cross-referenceable database of music information.

While I hear your concern about the can of worms, I would think instead one would highlight the artist (of the art), its main subject matter (Beatles), and printer who made the Sgt Peppers poster. Let the can of worms happen. People are going to go crazy with their fastidious nature of documenting 150 versions of Who albums when necessary. Why not let it happen? It's only more data.

Quite frankly, as set up right now, I think posterogs will attract little attention from the average discogs user-seller-buyer.

Why not utilize an instant audience of 300,000+? Why turn one off?

I think I misread your suggestions, you want to physically (digitally) connect bands with their content on Posterogs - For example, on the Beatles landing page on Discogs, you would have a link underneath the bio saying something like "The Beatles on Posterogs" - if so then I can't seen why not.

Yes ultimately we want to connect these data sources. Right now posters is just getting started and we want to see where the community would like to take it. I for one definitely want to connect the posters to the bands, releases etc...

Yes exactly! I thought that was what posterogs was going to be. A tab on discogs below vinyl/cd/shellac makes a lot of sense. I was surprised that was not done first as an easy add-on to discogs.

To that end, and using the sgt pepper example, there has been much written about the gear George H or George M used track by track. Why not connect gearogs to discogs the same way? It's a really deep dive but when thinking of all music-centric possibilities then why not? Especially when people want it. But again there may be others like reverb well ahead on this. Posterogs seems like the unmet niche specifically for music fans.

Quite frankly having a separate unlinked poster website for everything that ever appeared on a big piece of paper is bit off from the discog wheelhouse of avid music collectors and is quite the strategic mis-step of a company which otherwise seemed to really understand its key clientele and attraction to the site. I hope this is the first step of a big work in progress.

I'm very lazy

it seems like the sensible thing to do, to have all the ogs linked together somehow so that i can look at a band on discogs, then follow the links to see their posters, and the books written about them, and then the films etc etc.

i've got loads of old posters lying around, this will give me an excuse to get em out and take photos...

when i'm done fixing my bookogs subs, obv.

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