marketplace needs a search function and the ability to sort by name, type of poster, etc...

hey mageere, the marketplace filters in search results should accomplish this (the right hand side bare). For instance this link shows you gig posters from the United States for sale, sorted Z-A by title.

Hope that helps, let me know if you have any further questions.

I meant "Search" not sort. Numbers are going to get too big to sort alphabetically. It needs a search inside of the marketplace or the ability to jump to a certain letter.

You can apply the marketplace filter for all searches. For instance these are the results that match the search query beatles and are for sale:

You can also apply it to items of a particular subject or credit. For instance this link shows you all the Daft Punk posters for sale:

showing me this doesnt help. i clearly dont knoe how to do it. i see 4 drop down options after clicking marketplace: 2 title sort, latest edits and additions. And 2 view buttons. do for me, i have to scroll
through all. i dont see a way to search for a particular band. if you can, then it needs to be more intuitive . if i use the top bat search while in marketplace, it searches the database.

I tried searching beatles and it came up with the entire database catalog, not just the ones for sale. maybe im missing something, but incant recreate what you did in the links above

The marketplace filter is in the side bar on the left hand side of the search results. You can see a screenshot here:

If you are on a smaller device (such as a phone), the filters are unfortunately not visible. I probably should have mentioned that earlier. We are working on what the best user interface is for smaller screens.

that's it! im on my phone.

Ah, apologies for the confusion, we hope to be able to add that functionality to the phone view soon!

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