I've only managed to list one poster so far and amazingly it sold!
However, I didn't receive notification of the sale.
I come to the forum here and I see that there have been 2 responses to a note that I made on the forum and likewise I've not had notification.

How do I set so that my Posterogs account works like my Discogs account in that I get informed of activity related to my work here?

hey Half-Price-Dogs, congrats on your first sale and thanks for contributing to Posterogs.

In general you can turn email notifications for all things Posterogs in your preferences page:


I've reached out through our support channel with more specific details about the order you mention.

Many thanks Kalli.
I've just checked that 'settings' page and all my settings are on for notifications. Lets see what we can iron via the There's a Gremlin somewhere.

Thanks for looking into this :)

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