Wow, I've just gone through my 'Take That' envelope that hasn't been touched since the mid-90s and found a treasure trove of 'memorabilia'.

I'm not sure if any of them are valid here. Examples:

  1. Promotional stand-ups for CD single releases (for record shop counters)
  2. Postcards - from the Take That fan club of course!
  3. Flyers - sent in the post with details of upcoming individual releases
  4. Tour programmes - now this seems a long-shot, do these belong on Bookogs instead? Cannot see any ISBNs so am unsure where these correctly sit

It looks like I can directly link some of these to items on Discogs too.

Are any of the above valid on this particular site? If so, I'll start the LONG process of uploading data and images soon, I'll take a summer vacation first. Gonna need it.

Thanks for your help.

Hi brownjai,

Awesome that you have so much Take That memorabilia! Thanks for checking where these sit.

We've just added categories for Flyers and Handbills to the submission form - I'd say Postcards could be added with Flyers.
We don't consider promotional stand-ups for Posterogs at the moment. And great question about tour programs - are these in paperback format, or pamphlets? Sounds like something that could fit quite well on Bookogs - here's an example of a Madonna tour program currently in the database (add them before the end of this weekend to take part in our music book submission drive, Bibliophonic!)

You can link your Take That posters and memoribilia to their page on Discogs (it looks like we don't have any Take That posters at all yet, but a few books and magazines) - make sure you add them as a subject on the poster, then link to their Posterogs credit page from the Discogs Artist page.

Looking forward to seeing more Take That posters in the database and on their Discogs page!

Great, thanks!

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