A lot of my posters are posters of the music label instead of a band/artist or event.

How can I add those?
The main problem is the subjects, a label should be added because now it says, at least 1 subject is needed.



Not sure I have really seen that. So this would like if Atlantic Records did a promo poster for the label? Does these include acts? Sounds interesting and we should archive it, just haven't seen that format. Can you link one so we can take a look. We can certainly add the label subject regardless.

I have some like this as well, i've just been using the band/artist category for the label, and I guess i'll go back and edit when/if "label" becomes it's own thing. For example:



here you can see some:

They are all hardcore/gabber labels from the 90s.
In the hardcore/gabber scene a label is pretty important. I don't think people go out and buy every Sony, Universal or Atlantic release. But in the hardcore/gabber scene people will collect every Megarave, Third Movement, Mokum, ID&T, ... release.


OK cool examples. I'll talk to the dev's about that subject option. Ideally we can tie it back to Discogs labels as well to keep the data consistent. Thanks for the examples! Cheers.

Thanks for the examples everyone, I've added Label to the Subject dropdown menu now. It should be live later today

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