Just found this site and I love it, it goes perfect with Discogs and Setlist.fm.

Have there been any thought to adding shirts and ticket stubs?
I feel at least tickets go well here, since it's part of the show and especially older tickets can be pretty.
Shirts may be too much, but I feel posters and shirts go together and there are some really nice designs made for shirts.

Just a thought.

We have discussed these possibilties actively, but the focused direction of Posterogs is to push printed material (posters/prints) only and not to include other music memorabilia.
This means items like shirts, tickets/stubs, store standees, other CD promo materials, etc. are all not part of the scope for this database. Agreed that the art (design and execution) of many of these things can be quite beautiful and attractive, as well as collectible. But it's not the scope/goal of the site at this point.

a SHIRTOGS site is really needed!

I like this idea as well. I understand the need to avoid scope creep but thought I'd still give it a +1 since the same question crossed my mind.

what about images of gig setlists created by the artists? while i see a spot for adding the setlist songs this is already covered well on other sites which could be established through links. but the set list image is unique and could be introduced to the marketplace. i suggest having an individual category for submission if not otherwise available. i dont think setlistogs woukd be a good idea since posterogs is oftem centric to an individual gig. for some, the holy triumvirate of collecting at a show used to be the ticket stub, gig poster, and set list.

Memogs, the memorabilia database. It could include anything not fitting into Discogs, Posterogs, Bookogs or Gearogs.

yamar3 - I understand. I love my ticket stubs, but they are more and more rare these days with digital delivery systems used instead, so it may not be a catagory many would add to.

80s90s00sBerlin - I do love the ideas of shirts added, but it may be too much.
Shirts can be very collectible and I think more people buy them, so if you have a market place it may be more active.
But the catagory is so large, that it could benefit from it's own site.

demarestfarmer - Images of setlists would be great on Setlist.fm. Maybe if people start to add more details to Posterogs, it would help. But I think people primarily are interested in posters.

@Dahl yes, that's why i suggested "SHIRTOGS"

there's quite some band shirts trading going on on Ebay, but it's super-frustrating that all those infos and images don't stay in a frontend database to be accessed at all times by everybody but people have to download the images before the 3-to-14 days deadline to their private harddisks and that's about it

rest assured a SHIRTOGS site would be internationally most welcome


i like the MEMOGS suggestion, I do think though that it should then include the POSTEROGS contents as well...

I like the MEMOGS mention also, and should be attached somehow to POSTEROGS, as Mop66 mentioned.
I have vintage (1970s) standups, mobiles, album flats & empty covers that were supposed to be used for displays. But these are clean.

shirtoggs.....do it!

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