I kind of added it without thinking but I just want to make sure. It IS a handbill / flyer but it also folds into a pyramid.


Just making sure its good. It seems to hit all the checks.

Hi Thomas_Bangalter,
Yeah, I think there's a place for this on Posterogs. Thanks for adding it to the database

I have the same thing for Movie poster but as cubes, but was turned down when asking if it could be uploaded.

Is it ok if i upload those now?

It may seem a question of semantics, but there are a number of handbills and gigposters made with the directions and/or intent to fold them in to other shapes. With these film promo items, they are made (to my knowledge) as the cube - not intended to be in their poster form. The posters and handbills are sent out as posters - in reality very few are likely made in to the respective shapes.

Guess I'd be on the side of a "no" for the cubes... as they really don't circulate "uncubed".

The ones I have are made as the cube. They came flatpacked, and you had to assemble them according to instructions to get cubes. I just had to ask, as it would be great to have more of the promo film items in one place!

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