We're on for the S.P.IN again this year! This year, we're aiming for 4000 new poster submissions on Posterogs and we need your help. Check out the leaderboard, progress on our submission target, and recently added items here.
While any and all poster are welcome on Posterogs, this year we're especially keen to get more music-related posters added to fill out the new Poster tab on Discogs Artist pages. So if you've got gig posters, album promo posters, music festival posters, get them into the database and climb the leaderboard.
Thanks for your help!

Seems switching to October has reset the results... will you bring them back ? Would be nice to see the final outcome.

Same question, was curious about the september final stats :)

Ah, yes, that is unfortunate, with the months changing. Perhaps we should keep a historical archive of these stats.

There were 4839 posters added in September, so we beat the goal of 4000! Well done.

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