Like this on showing a painting of actress Margret Rutherford
Should/can it be added or rather not?

Paintings - being one of a kind pieces - are generally not regarded as prints or posters for classification. It's why unique band signed or test/monoprint submissions are also not really part of the scope of Posterogs.
However, prints and/or posters which feature an actor are welcome pieces. Some examples among those I was working on this morning:

For these, I've utilized the "Art Print" type (as they are artistic prints featuring the subject person, not really promotional material for the band/artist) and then added the actor or performer as a Subject so it will turn up in searches for/under their name.

Ok, as the one I linked to is a print of a painting (available probably in thousands of copies)and not the original painting of course, I read that it would be ok to be added.

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