Palm Sunday 2019 (Regular Edition)

Art Print

Main Details
Limited run of 500
Print Technique Letterpress
Type Art Print
Notes Inspired by the Robert Hunter/Jerry Garcia composition “Palm Sunday” ("The river so white, the mountain so red and with the sunshine over my head”), the portrait is printed on hand-torn Arches 88 300gsm paper and measures 16” x 20”. Each print is embossed with a Garcia handprint chop and is signed & numbered by the artist in an edition of 500.


smulhern19 posted 8 months ago:

Message from the Artist:

“As a long time fan of Jerry Garcia and his music, I knew this portrait edition had to be special. To accomplish this, we turned to the printmaking technique my studio is best known for, letterpress. Letterpress printing is loved by many for leaving a tactile and visual impression into the paper, it communicates an elegance and handcrafted quality that can’t be matched by any other printing method. To produce the iconic image of Garcia, we utilized nine separate printing plates, each perfectly registered on our vintage Vandercook Universal III proofing press, meaning each print has gone through the press nine separate times. The craftsmanship required to accomplish a print job of this nature can’t be understated, but it's this love of the craft (and the subject matter) that transcend the image, breathing life and emotion into the print. When you look into Jerry's eyes, and he gazes back at you, I hope you feel the same” — AJ Masthay

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