Eric Church Washington D.C. 2019 (Night 1) (Regular Edition)

Gig Poster

Main Details
Print Technique Screen print
Type Gig Poster
Notes For this project I had the opportunity to collaborate with the wonderful Logan J. Schmitt - Logan’s been a great buddy o’ mine for a long while now and working on this project with him was an absolute dream. we decided to make a poster centering on DC’s local legends and cryptids, with me tackling the building and Logan illustrating the beasts in all their glory. The Snallygaster, Goatman, and DC’s Demon Cat - respectively

A whole church’s-worth of thanks to my new best friend @mrwheelerrr for letting Logan and I take the reins on this; and to @endhymns for the always-pristine printing. and of course, to @loganschmittillustration for being awesome to work with. I hope we get to do this again real soon.


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