This poster is a variant of Jerry Garcia Bicycle Day 2019 (Reguar)

Jerry Garcia Bicycle Day 2019 (Gold Foil Variant)

Art Print

Main Details
Variant of Jerry Garcia Bicycle Day 2019 (Reguar)
Limited run of 5
Print Technique Screen print
Type Art Print
Notes 4 Color Silk Screen printed on Gold Mirror Foil Paper
Celebrating Albert Hofmann’s wide-eyed ride on this day in 1943 and his “problem child” which unlocked doors of perception and created a spark which greatly inspired Garcia and a generation.

When I was asked to create this Bicycle Day print, I knew that I wanted to make something psychedelic, colorful and strong. I wanted to juxtapose different images that would relate to Jerry, Bicycle Day, and LSD. I illustrated Jerry as the main focal point surrounded by elements such as a bicycle, stripe patterns from his Cats Under The Stars album, the shapes created by the mind bending liquid light shows, a tiger in reference to his main guitar which is celebrating it’s 40th anniversary this year, roses and more. One last detail was that I imagined Jerry having an out of body experience on LSD, so I drew him up in the corner watching himself in the moment.


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