Pearl Jam New York City 2013 (Non Corrected)

The City Sleeps

Event Promo

Main Details
Limited run of 100
Print Technique Screen print
Type Event Promo
Notes Printed on heavy white stock
signed and numbered
Those came up at the Pop Up Store at Volcom Store in NYC.

These prints were made with a mistake in the date, as Don wrote:

This was a 20" x 24" screen print to commemorate the launch of the 'Lightning Bolt' album in 2013. It was based off of a painting that I did live at the Volcom store in NYC on Oct. 15th, the first day of the American release of the album and a few nights before the Pearl Jam shows at Barclay's Center in NYC on Oct. 18 & Oct. 19, 2013.

The date reflects the release date for the album in Europe, which was Oct. 11, 2013 and the first date of the 2013 PJ tour (Pittsburgh, PA). I pulled these from sale when I realized the date on the poster didn't reflect the date of the Volcom event or the date of the American release but after finding a stack of them recently while rearranging my studio, I've decided to make a limited number for sale since the anniversary was coming up.


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