Untitled (137) 2017

Art Print

Main Details
Print Technique Screen print
Type Art Print
Notes "Hey hi - if you're reading because you're looking for a gig poster we made for a show that took place last night in Philadelphia, I'm sorry to tell you but those posters don't really exist anymore. There was a huge mix up and a following convoluted mess, a lot of it is things that I really can't talk about on open channels. Sorry about that, I know a lot of you really liked that poster. I liked it too. Let me say it again, this is not a gig poster, this is an art print.

After I put in all that work though, I wasn't going to let it all go to waste. I re-worked a few things, and am proud to give you "Untitled (137)". This is the art print variation of a gig poster that doesn't exist, a creation coming from my own head. I know a lot of you were huge fans of the art itself, so I wanted to be able to give you something nice. I can't express how much this piece means to me, I'm incredibly proud of the finished product. I hope you all like it too. And I'm sorry I can't offer anything more, but I hope some of you guys decide to pick this up. I can't tell you how much the support means to me."


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