Primus Huntington 2012

Gig Poster

Main Details
Limited run of 200
Print Technique Screen print
Type Gig Poster
Notes Printed on white gallery stock
signed and numbered by artist
This is what Jermaine had to say about his print:
'So recently, 2 people who were artistically very influential to how i think and what i 'see', passed away from this physical plane...
I will never forget, after reading one of my favorite books for the 10,000th time, lying in my bed at night as a kid and closing my eyes tight and hoping that, when i opened them, there'd be a jungle growing in my room.
I also will never remember the first time i flipped on the radio and heard a guy whose name was MCA...and he said he had a license to kill.
2 champions of 'freedom'...for the inner world and the outer world. Eternal energy on the march! .
I hope you all enjoy how I expressed myself.'


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