Psycotic Pineapple San Francisco 1997

Gig Poster

Main Details
Limited run of 250
Print Technique Screen print
Type Gig Poster
Notes Signed and numbered silkscreen from an edition of 250.

4 color, Day-Glo inks.

Featured in “The Art of Modern Rock” (AOMR #056.4)

This print is my first digitally aided screen print design. I had not yet learned about the "trap". Most poster designers working in silkscreen print the black line image on top, last color. And to save themselves headaches they often use a very thick line drawing so that if there are any off-register issues, the thick lines cover it up. They "trap" the other colors.

I don't draw that type of cartoon and it does challenge me sometimes. I printed this at a friend's studio, a sort of open-air metal shack. This was in the middle of 1997s El Nino storms. I printed over three days period, leaving the prints to dry overnight. By the time I got to the final black, it did not fit, no matter how I adjusted the registration. I went back home to get the original film and it was the same. I only later realized that the paper had actually expanded while drying because of the high humidity. It's only really visible on some of the lower text.

Kaviar (Kevin Gilbert's last band) cancelled and was replaced by Storm and Her Dirty Mouth. Storm was a finalist on American Idol several years later. And, yes, she did have a dirty mouth ! And there was a big storm that night too.


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