Death Cab For Cutie Toronto 2019

Gig Poster

Main Details
Print Technique Screen print
Type Gig Poster
Notes From the artist:
Overjoyed to unveil my first poster for the one and only Death Cab for Cutie who are performing tonight in Toronto at RBC Echo Beach! The imagery was prompted by the band's single "Gold Rush," off of their latest album "Thank You For Today," which is a bouncy indie rock anthem meditating on the ambiguous highs and lows of personal growth and urban gentrification. The song spoke to me since I myself am a downtown condo-dweller that is coming to terms with romantic life, aging, and the changing face of a city. Transformation over time is both intimidating and inevitable, but I don't think we should forget our history and I wanted this poster to embody that nostalgic feeling with a modern, personal twist. Thank you so much to Jeff, Robyn and Lyndsey at @livenationmerchandise for the opportunity and trust, to Death Cab for the inspiration and vehicle to express this notion, and to you, the viewer, for your time and attention. I'll have AP copies (and some foils) up in the shop at milestsang[dot]com sometime next week, so please join or stay on the mailing list on my site to be alerted when these go on sale for anyone interested. Cheers! ✨


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