In The Garden There Are Many Worlds 2019 (Regular Edition)

Art Print

Main Details
Limited run of 150
Print Technique Giclée
Type Art Print
Original Price 100 USD
Notes This was the first piece I made that sparked a series of new work. Initially inspired by Borges’ short story “The Garden of Forking Paths” this piece was my first attempt at tackling the visualization of many worlds theory. It’s my hope to show the completed collection later in the year. Until then, I’ll slowly be teasing images and rolling some prints out from the collection over the next few months, some editions will be available in person at the show first and online later.
An excerpt of some of the writing from the series: Imagine a universe in which all of the decisions you have made in your life are laid out in front of you and behind you. Picture these choices as pathways that snake and bend and fork and conjoin, like a map of your entire life in the garden of the mind. Picture each component in every decision as single flower in a vast sprawling garden. Each flower plays an important role in the entirety of things - your past colliding with the present and influencing the future. At this point, in every life you are living, you are experiencing this moment where paths conjoin before they fork again. This moment, combined with other moments like this, make up your unwavering being, the decisions that are decidedly you. These are the moments we should try to take pause and understand why they are so significant in every time line that you are living in, perhaps these are the "choices" that exist outside of freewill.


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