António Marquez

Antonio García Santillana was born in Seville in 1963. He started dancing at the age of twelve in Ibiza, where he lived, and then moved to Madrid to improve his technique. In Madrid he received lessons by Paco Romero, Pedro Azorín, Victoria Eugenia, María Magdalena, Ángel Pericet and Aurora Pons at the School of the Spanish National Ballet, which he entered in 1982. José Antonio shortly thereafter positioned him as first dancer, appearing in shows like ”Los Tarantos” or "El sombrero de tres picos". Later, he collaborated with the teacher Granero and with Merche Esmeralda, as well as Víctor Ullate, until in 1995 he founded his own company, whose artistic director was José Granero, with which he debuted at the Maestranza Theatre in Seville.


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