Del O.G.F.

Pioneer Hip Hop squad from GC / Gorlivka City founded in early 1995 as Gangstah Boyz by Chuck Kool G., Streit Man, Danny Boy, D.Mey G., X-Treem & Yaki-Moff (he was rapidly eliminated from the squad). But Bobby Easy, Dr. Tooth and Majah soon became unofficial members of the crew. In 1996 group became the founding member of the super Hip Hop squad - Ol' Dirty G'z Clan.

DEL OGF (aka Del Original Gangstah Funk) released 2 albums "Such It Neva Waz" (1996) and "At A Stretch Again" (1997).
In 1996 and 1997 group took part at the Ukrainian Hip Hop Fests "In Da House Too" & "In Da House Tree" and became famous all over UA & CIS.

In early 1998 Danny Boy and Cha-K left the group and organised Параллельный Мир (later Без Имени and more later Южный Централ). Later the same year Cha-K returned to DEL OGF.
In the summer 1998 Streit Man and X-Treem established the Mang Nhen Clan on the basis of DEL OGF and O.D.G.C.


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