The Hussy

Their latest release "Looming" was recently named one of Pitchfork's Top Ten Garage Band albums of 2019.

"The best scuzzy rock'n'roll bands make it look easy, but it isn't. Every now and then, you hear a slab of garage punk like the Hussy's "EZ/PZ". In the song's opening two seconds, the Madison duo establish dominance with nine fast, fuzzed out strums. Sure, the percussion smacks hard as soon as it hones into view, but it's instantly clear just how powerful a track like this can be when it's built around a no-frills blues riff. Heather Hussy's vocal work is dynamic—the perfect foil to the track's instrumental barrage, with no need to lean on some flashy guitar solo. The power here is in speed and volume; with a solid "WOO!" at the finish, they're all set." PITCHFORK

"Madison's King and Queen of Trash Rock"

"Blame" opens Pagan Hiss-- their third album-- with proof that a power duo pegged with words like "psych," "garage," or "punk" don't have to rely solely on caveman stomping or fuzzed out guitars. Sure, there's menace behind Bobby's power chords, and Heather definitely knows how to bash, but there's nuance here. They mess around with a few different guitar textures, vary up their volume for dramatic effect, and line the whole track with sonics worthy of an old sci-fi or horror movie (like the echoing laughter in the intro or the various UFO-worthy effects)."

"Kicks in the face. Guitars on fire. Catchy psychedelic punk that shakes you. Madison duo the Hussy is getting so good at what it does it may not stay underground for long."

"Weed Seizure, besides being a genius name, is an excellent LP."



"...Cement Tomb really is an impressive collection of choice rock ’n’ roll nuggets. It flashes both a wild ambition and a hyperactive means of tackling it, and it needs to be played over and over again—not just because it ends too soon, but because it hardly ever needs to end at all."
Rating: "A"
THE ONION's AV CLUB review of "Cement Tomb Mind Control"

"I've always been a fan of two-piece bands, starting years and years ago with a German duo called ABSTURZENDE BRIEFTAUBEN. This one is no exception to the rule. They are catchy and upbeat, which i always like. They're also raw and very lo-fi, which I also happen to like. The fact that they have the male/female competing vocals just seals the deal, I am not kidding you. From Madison, Wisconsin, This is the Shit."

"This awesome slab of two person trash genius is guaranteed to cause mass Huss-teria at your high school dance, book club, circle jerk, PTA meeting, rumble, yoga class, or any other gathering where you are ready to get things batshit out of control. Best thing created in Wisconsin since they constructed the turrets on the Mars' Cheese Castle."

"Just when we were starting to think the world didn't need another retro-tinged garage band, the Hussy come along and prove the world needs at least one more. Having cranked out five less-than-full-lengths since 2009, guitar/voxist Bobby Hussy and drummer/voxist Heather Sawyer dropped their first 13-track oeuvre this past April. Featured tracks include "Sexi Ladi" and "Pushin' My Luck," two rare examples of raunchiness emerging from the Land of Cheese. Meanwhile, "Have a Say" might as well be a Jay Reatard tribute song."

"In many reviews I’ve written, I’ve complained that albums don’t capture the power—the essence of a band—and that the live performance is often much stronger. If you’ve seen The Hussy, you know how much of a madman guitarist/vocalist Bobby is and probably think there’s no way that energy can be captured on record. Not so with Cement Tomb Mind Control. This record not only sounds like the band live but grabs you by the hips and makes you swing. Lo-fi and blown out but staying just to the right side of complete chaos. The drums sound great considering how noisy Heather plays (lots of ride and crash). “Sexi Lady” and “Oh No” are my two favorites."

""I Don't Really Want To" hints that there's some kind of method to Bobby Hussy's scraggle-blues guitar riffs. "Yr Stupid" might be the best and most characteristic Hussy song yet, thanks to drummer Heather Sawyer's joyful bashing and shouts of "I hate your mother, I hate your father, I hate your sister, too." - Onion's AV Club Review of our first cassette.

"This is super fun pop-punk that's lyrically clever and musically talented. The Hussy is total rock, complete with sleazy, distorted solo-ing and bizarre, chant-like lyrics that are almost provocative, but instead make no sense - which rules because it makes it super easy to bounce around to and not be bored."
- Maximum Rock n Roll - April 2010 - Review of the 7" on Big Action.


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