While Heaven Wept

Largely inspired by Candlemass' music, While Heaven Wept is an Classic Doom Metal band with clean vocals and heavy-sounding riffing from the USA. The act originally formed in 1989 under the name Dream Wytch by Chris Galvan and Tom Phillips (both on guitars). In 1991, the band name was changed, but it took While Heaven Wept three more years before the release of their "Into the Wells of Sorrow" 7".

While the "Lovesongs of the Forsaken" EP was enjoyed by the fans, it was 1998's "Sorrow of the Angels" that truly launched the band into the infamous Doom Metal realm they are in nowadays. "Sorrow of the Angels" and "Lovesongs of the Forsaken" were eventually both re-released as "Chapter One: 1989-1999" (2002), followed that same year by their most successful full length yet, "Of Empries Forlorn"


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