Joost De Lijser

Joost de Lyser started dj-ing acid, house & techno in 1987 at age 16, in local clubs near where he was born, in the most southwest corner of the Netherlands. Soon he found his way to the decks of clubs and parties in the cities across the water in the dutch province of Zeeland, but also across the border in Belgium. In 1990, Joost moved to Tilburg in the Netherlands to study, where he became involved in the Dutch Techno scene on a more national level, but he still spent most of his free weekends in Belgian Clubs...
In 1994 Joost started to play on the parties of the notorious Brussels underground techno party scene, and about simultaneously he was asked to be part of the Fuse DJ team, for the club's first season. In 1995, Brussels 2nd Techno club was born: the Network. Joost moved to Brussels & joined the Network DJ team alongside dj's Deg, Psychogene & Unit-E, and there the new-electro element in his sets started to dominate the techno side. The very last Network night was at the same time Brussels, and likely Belgium's very first new-electro only party (without techno). After the Network ended, Joost found new musical outlets in the Cybertheatre & at his own Nexus nights, pushing Electro to the Brussels party scene.
In 1998, Joost hooked up with DJ Uriel, and became resident for his now legendary Enjoy Apocalypse electro nights, where Joost still continues to play as guest. Shortly after he also became resident for the Klangforschung Ost parties in Eupen, and as one of Belgiums first Electro DJ's, Joost has played for most Electro party organizations in the country, as well as on most big events with an electro room.
Currently Joost plays at the Fuse again as resident for their "Plug" electro nights, as well as for many party organizations & events, as guest or headliner. He releases music under the name Disturbot for labels like Nature & Roulette Rekordz.
Musically he has teamed up with Maarten van der Vleuten (Flux) and Interzone, as well as some solo projects such as "Disturbot".
Founder of now defunct Netherlands based label Weird Dream.


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