Brandon and Brittany Hargest are siblings. They started the band in 2007 after being in the group Jump5 for 9 years. They have been singing and performing since the early ages of 4 & 5, and love every aspect of the music world. In their musical careers, through the Jump5 brand, the Hargests have had many highlights that still stand out in their lives today, such as selling over a million CDs worldwide, performing for the President of the United States, touring in arenas around the country, and having their songs on major motion pictures.
Although they have seen a lot, this new project is one of the most exciting things they are about to do. Forming the new band, called “guest.”, is something they have been wanting to do for a long time. “Every part of this endeavor is completely our own, from the songwriting and the album production, to the creation of our merchandise and the forming of the community. We are putting everything in to this and we are loving every second of it.”


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