Kung Fu Panda (franchise)

The Kung Fu Panda franchise is from DreamWorks Animation.

The franchise, set in a fantasy wuxia genre version of ancient China populated by humanoid animals, features the adventures of Po Ping, a giant panda, who was improbably chosen as the prophesied Dragon Warrior. Although his status is initially doubted, Po proves himself worthy as he strives to fulfill his destiny and learn about his past with his new friends.

The film series has been highly acclaimed with its first two features being nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature as well as numerous Annie Awards while the television series has won 11 Emmy Awards. Furthermore, this acclaim is particularly enthusiastic in China, where the series is hailed as not only an excellent contribution to the wuxia genre, but for its impressively knowledgeable understanding of Chinese culture and heritage for an American movie production. In addition, both the first two films were the most financially successful animated feature film for their years and the second is currently the second biggest worldwide box office success for a movie directed solely by a woman (Jennifer Yuh Nelson), after Wonder Woman.


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