The Gears

The Gears are from NorthEast Los Angeles and are known for putting out one of the first self made LP punk records. Dave Drive, Axxel G. Reese, Crazy Ruben and Gabe Shock released their first single "Lets Go To The Beach" in 1979. In 1980 they released "Rockin at Ground Zero after enlisting Kidd Spike(Controllers) and Brian Redz to replace Ruben and Shock. The Gears would disband by 1982 making way for Axxel and Daves new band The D.I.'S.
The Gears would return in the 90's playing gigs with Axxel, Spike, Drive and Johnny Ray Bartel on bass and doing shows here and there.
In 2004 the group would record the Four On The Floor E.P. with a Line up of Axxel,Spike, Redz and drummer Sean"Shift" Antillon replacing Dave Drive.
In 2005 Mike "Manifold" Villalobos would fill the revolving bass player position.
2007 would find Dave Drive back on the group playing many shows until 2009, when Sean would return to the group.
In 2013 the Gears recorded a collaboration with Freddy Boom Boom Cannon releasing a single featuring Freddy singing the Gears classic Keep Movin'.
The Gears recorded a new full length LP in 2015, When Things Get Ugly. Chris Ashford produced a Documentary on the band called Don't Be Afraid To Pogo the same year.
Kidd Spike left the band and Crazy Ruben returned in late 2016 as a special guest as well as Prima Donna guitarist Erik Arcane.
The Gears continue today with Axxel,Shift,Manifold and Erik with a high energy show.


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