Roogalator was a pub rock band formed in London in 1972, by the US-born guitarist Danny Adler.
Earlier that year, Adler recorded demos with 10cc's Graham Gouldman at Strawberry Studios. Prior to Roogalator, Adler had also played with Smooth Loser, a band formed with Jeff Pasternak, the brother of BBC disc-jockey Emperor Rosko. Bass guitarist Tony Lester, guitarist Chris Gibbons and drummer Malcolm Mortimer (G.T. Moore and the Reggae Guitars), were members for a time. Mortimer returned to Adler for an early incarnation of Roogalator before leaving to join Ian Dury in Kilburn and the High Roads .
Roogalator played their first live show in November, 1972, was an attractive live act in the pre-punk London scene, and broke up in July, 1978. From their bio: "They knew that time was passing them by. Dexterous funk wasn't "in" anymore. (...) The punks stole Roogalator's thunder, Costello stole Adler's geek in glasses persona."


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